Electric Hand Held Massage Hammer

Electric Hand Held Massage Hammer
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Energy King Massager:

18 watts

Box size: 42 x 12.5 x 11 cm

Handle length, design shape, and weight distribution enables you to reach the lower, upper, and middle back without difficulty.

Also give yourself an effortless massage to all parts of your body. The pounding action is power packed and penetrates deep into muscle tissues. It also has a slower gentle speed, for a more gentle massage. This is the most effective hand held massager I have ever used. With as little as a couple of minutes work in a specific area, you WILL notice the difference. It gets deep into those sore, stiff muscles. Reduces muscle ache, speeds up fat burning, and promotes good circulation. We have professional Massage Therapists that use this (domestic) machine, to do some of their “donkey work”. We also have some that complain, they massage everyone else, and have no one to massage them. They are now using the massage hammer on themselves. This machine is not only very effective, it is also easy to reach any part of your body, yourself.

NEW Three changeable massage heads for your different requirements. The 3 changable massage heads are convenient for all parts of the body. It will bring you different massage feelings when you use the different massage heads. You can massage the neck, shoulders, backside, thighs, calves and soles.


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